Free, not farmed

At Leap, we believe the best fish swim free.

Wild salmon are the ultimate free-range food,  swimming thousands of miles through the cold, crystal clear waters of the North Pacific and eating a rich, natural diet of shellfish and marine organisms.

This diet gives Wild Salmon its natural vibrant red colour, no artificial colouring needed here.

They’re lean, packed with flavour and bursting with goodness.


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Responsible fishing is at the heart of everything we do. We know where every fish has come from, who caught it and how.

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A naturally nutritious diet and a life spent swimming free makes wild salmon incredibly healthy.

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Wild Alaskan salmon is prized as the finest in the world. This is fish as pure and simple as nature intended.

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Richly flavoured, firm-textured and vibrantly red, this is the best known of all the wild salmon species.

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Subtly flavoured and succulent, the Keta salmon is the well-kept secret of the salmon world.

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We smoke our salmon over a unique blend of woods to make it buttery, rich and deeply delicious.

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